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Building WordPress sites the proper way

We are here to fulfill all your WordPress development needs, whether it involves creating a custom theme, configuring a WordPress plugin, or resolving issues on your WordPress site.

Our expertise lies in coding clean and functional WordPress websites, utilising Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Gutenberg editor, and Custom Post Type (CPT). Additionally, we bring a wealth of experience in WooCommerce, WordPress multisite, and numerous popular WordPress plugins.

Our WordPress development services

WordPress theme and website development

WooCommerce development and customisations

Security services, threat mitigation and vulnerability removal

WordPress site deployment and content migration

WordPress maintenance, core and plugin updates

WordPress site speed and performance optimisations

WordPress consulting and training

WordPress plugin development and Integration services

WordPress multisite and multilingual site development

Built to be flexible and lightweight

Our WordPress websites are incredibly easy to manage, with a custom backend designed for non-technical users. All content can be managed through intuitively laid-out ACF custom fields.

Content builder using ACF

We break down designs into reusable builder modules that can be used to construct page content. This makes content creation easy while aligning with the design.

No clunky page builders

We avoid page builders like Divi and Elementor to ensure that your site is professionally built with less overheads.

A plugin-less approach

While WordPress boasts a robust ecosystem of plugins, we understand that an excess of plugins can lead to security vulnerabilities and issues with compatibility or obsolescence. Therefore, we minimise plugin use as much as possible, typically using only 3-5 plugins for an average build.

Using proper custom post-type and taxonomies

With our extensive experience, we intuitively understand which content should be a page, which should be a custom post, and which sections should utilise taxonomies. You can trust us to use the appropriate content types that best define the content architecture, without the need for detailed design explanations.

Theme settings

Every WordPress website we build contains a “Theme settings” section where you can easily update your site’s branding and global content, such as logo, favicon, and footer text.

eCommerce (WooCommerce) Expertise

Whether you need a basic WooCommerce store with essential features, or a more complex one with filtering, bundled products, membership/subscription options, or custom logic, we are skilled in creating fully functional WooCommerce themes. Understanding the challenges of designing every WooCommerce-related page, we proactively style key store-level pages, thus removing the need for detailed designs from you. This includes cart, checkout, account pages, notifications, order completion, and email notifications, ensuring a seamless and unified online store experience.

ACF done right

At MockupToCode, we harness the power of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to develop robust and user-friendly builders. Our approach centress on organising custom fields in a structured and intuitive way. Below, we outline some of the key techniques and best practices we implement when working with ACF.

Preview images and instructions

We frequently add a preview image of the front-end block within the ACF instructions, giving a visual representation of how the block appears on the frontend. Moreover, we provide concise, necessary text instructions for blocks where explanation is required, ensuring they are informative without being overly detailed.

Using appropriate field types

We’re careful in using appropriate field types to match the design and content needs precisely. For example, we use repeater fields for repeating content within blocks, and choose suitable WYSIWYG, single line, and multi-line fields to closely resemble the designed text content. Additionally, we use flexible content fields to facilitate the creation of highly customisable and reusable layouts that adhere to your design specifications.

Every little detail counts

Semantic HTML

We focus on creating high quality semantic HTML content,and always using correct tags to best present the content. For example:

  • <h1> – <h6> for heading levels
  • <ul> and <ol> for lists
  • <blockquote> and <cite> for testimonials and citations
  • <figure> and <figcaption> for figures and image captions
  • and much more

Built with Accessibility in mind

We craft frontend code with ADA and WCAG 2.1 AA standards in mind, encompassing features like keyboard focuses, aria-labelling, and alt text. Additionally, our team possesses the expertise to achieve full ADA and WCAG 2.1 AA/AAA compliance, ensuring the highest level of accessibility.

Optimal image compression

The size and compression of imagery plays a big part in the loading speed of your website. We uses lossless compression tools like TinyPNG to efficiently reduce the size of the images, ensuring they retain their quality while contributing to faster page load times.

Smart and intelligent layouts

We use grid systems and flexbox layouts to build layouts with flexibility in mind. This ensures that the layout maintains its integrity and appearance, even when columns or content are added or removed.

Modular WordPress theme structure

Modular theme structure

All page builder modules are broken down and organised for easy maintenance. We also separate various utility functions and include a readme.md file upon delivery to document the build architecture, with the aim of ensuring that the theme not only looks and functions exceptionally but is also as maintainable as possible.

Frequently asked WordPress development questions

What contact form plugin do you typically use?

Unless specifically requested, we typically use ‘Gravity Forms’ and ‘Contact Form 7’. We are also proficient with ‘Ninja Forms’, ‘WPForms’, and ‘Formidable Forms’, should you prefer to use them.

What page builders do you use?

We use Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), ACF flexible content blocks, and the native WordPress Gutenberg builder. We avoid page builders like Divi or Elementor, as they tend to be bloated, generate cumbersome code, and are not developer-oriented.

What's your experience like with WooCommerce?

We have completed hundreds of WordPress WooCommerce builds, both small and large. We are capable of developing WooCommerce sites of any scale and complexity, including membership-based, subscription-based, and those with complex product and site logic.

When building a WordPress theme, do you use a base theme?

Yes, we use a tailored, lightweight base theme that includes only essential elements. This theme, free from the bloat often found in off-the-shelf themes, is specially optimised for custom-developed sites.

Can you develop WordPress multisites?

Absolutely. We are experienced in developing WordPress multisites, both sub-domain and sub-directory based. We will guide you on whether a multisite setup is suitable for your site, as it may not always be appropriate. Additionally, we will recommend the most suitable multisite architectures to best meet your needs.

Can you work on an existing WordPress site built by another developer?

Certainly. Many of our agency clients reach out to us for making changes to a WordPress site or conducting maintenance work.

What is your typical lead time and turnaround time for building WordPress sites?

We have no lead time. Your project is guaranteed to start the next business day after quote acceptance and receipt of all necessary information.

Our usual turnaround time for a WordPress site varies from a couple of days for smaller site to several weeks for larger projects with more intricate features or custom development.

Submit your project & get a rapid & precise quote

Send us a brief describing all your project requirements. We’ll throughly assess the project and get back to you within 24 hours with a rapid quote and timeline.

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  • Clean, semantic & structured code
  • On-time delivery
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    For more than 3 years, our collaboration with John and his team at MockupToCode has been outstanding. They're incredibly responsive, organised, and possess a high level of expertise. The team consistently delivers projects on time, contributing significantly to the success of our Studio.
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